Featured Chef

In this section we will feature a local (Philadelphia) chef that we think is helping make Philadelphia the culinary star it is fast becoming.  Sometimes these chefs will have their own books, or will recommend some of their favorites.  The only thing for certain is that if you haven't checked these chefs out, you are missing out!

This months chef............Andrew and Kristen Wood, the husband and wife team of Russet, the best farm to table restaurant in Philly!



About Russet

Situated in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood near Broad Street’s theaters, Russet is housed in an 1877 brick townhouse. Russet features a daily changing Italian and French-inspired menu using the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Chef-Owners Andrew and Kristin Wood create simple and honest dishes that highlight the natural flavors of the food.


Visit www.russetphilly.com to learn more and see what their seasonal menu is currently!

1521 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA