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Built in 1930 William Meredith School has been one of the best public schools in the city of Philadelphia.  However, the budget that this school must work under is quickly putting that reputation in danger.  Class sizes of 30 with no teaching aides.  The schools can not afford to have nurse available to the students full time.  Many programs designed to enrich our childrens education are being cut at a break neak pace.  Just google "Philadelphia schools budget" and you will find a laundry list of artricles about the danger that these schools are facing.

Enough is Enough.

The Cook Book Stall owner and proud Meredith parent Jill Ross wants to help!

From now until June 19th, if you purchase a book from or inside the brick and mortar in the historic Reading Terminal Market (12th and Arch, Philadelphia) use coupon code: 4meredith

The Cook Book Stall will donate 10% of all these sales to the Meredith Home and School Association.

Get cooking and a great public school!

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